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Getting Started: Planning a Funeral and Cremation in Itasca, IL

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At Grove Memorial Funeral Home, we understand that this is a challenging time for families dealing with losing a loved one. We strive to provide a supportive and caring environment in Itasca, IL, where families can come together to honor their lost family members. We offer funeral and cremation services so you can choose what best suits your needs and desires. With our burial options, you can honor your loved one in an honorable way that preserves their memory forever.


At Grove Memorial Chapel, we are here to provide you and your family compassionate care during this difficult time. We understand that Funeral planning can be overwhelming, and we will strive to make it as stress-free as possible. Please do not hesitate to contact us at (847) 640-0566 with any concerns. Thank you for considering Grove Memorial Chapel.


If you have just lost a loved one, or if there is a looming death in your family, it might feel daunting to begin discussing plans for final arrangements, such as a funeral and cremation in Itasca, IL. In either case, you can do some important things to get things underway and support your needs simultaneously.


Choose a Funeral and Cremation Provider You Can Trust

Even if you have no previous experience with a close relative's death, you can find a qualified funerary firm to help you through this most challenging time.


  • Check Out the History of the Funeral Home: Look for an establishment with a history of experience among the professional staff and the business itself. Be sure you feel comfortable with the answers to those questions; there is not a specified amount of time that needs to be met.


  • Research Other Client's Experiences: Ask around your network or read testimonials and reviews to find a reputable company. If your search uncovers questions, don't hesitate to ask the provider for their story.


  • Get Comprehensive Care: Finally, don't overlook the benefit of selecting a full-service firm that can help you with any death care options you need. This eases the stress of planning services since you can keep your loved one in the care of one trustworthy provider through the death care process.


Decide What Kinds of Services You Will Use

Once you have chosen the professional team to support you through the planning and events, you'll need to decide which honoring ceremonies and body preparation services will work best for your circumstances. There are several possible formats and options that can be personalized in unique ways to create meaningful and healing experiences.


  • Remember Your Departed with a Funeral Service: Although funeral services are relatively common solutions to laying a loved one to rest, they need not feel bland or boring. Instead, you can tailor the services to be as traditional or modern as you would like. Funerals honor deceased persons by remembering and reflecting on their life with the body present. Final disposition typically takes place shortly after the funeral services conclude.


  • Honor the Deceased with a Memorial Service: If you need to care for the remains immediately, or if having the remains, a part of the service will not work for any reason, consider planning memorial services instead of a funeral event. Memorials are sometimes scheduled quite some time after the passing of the honored individual. This additional planning time can help families align schedules and privately grieve before gathering if needed.


  • Respectfully Care for Remains with Cremation Services: Many traditions consider the deceased's body sacred. Cremation services are a beautiful way to honor the body by respectfully disposing of the remains through flame incineration in a secure chamber. The cremated body consists of calcified bones that didn't burn to vapor. These bones are made into a more uniform texture and returned to the closest relatives for final placement.


Special Considerations for Honoring Veterans with Funeral and Cremation in Itasca, IL

Honoring veterans makes death care services, such as a funeral and cremation in Itasca, IL, particularly noteworthy. With verified eligibility, all honorably discharged or fallen soldiers will qualify for at least some military honors associated with their death care. You and your family can decide what will be most meaningful and relevant to the situation.


At a minimum, your veteran will have an honor guard detail with at least two military service men or women, including at least one from the branch of military your decedent served in. Other honors for a veteran funeral or committal service may include:

  • The folding of the flag with a presentation to the closest relative
  • The playing of Taps by bugle or quality recording
  • A symbolic three-gun rifle volley
  • The flag-draped casket
  • A final salute at the graveside service

Your funeral professionals can also assist you in filing for other veteran death care benefits that may be available for your hero due to their unselfishly rendered service.


Support for Bereaved Individuals and Families

Connecting to support networks and professional services to assist with the processing of grief is critically important to the healing path of many individuals and families who are left reeling by losing a loved one. Your funeral director and their staff will be able to assist in connecting you to these essential resources that are available locally or digitally. Grief experts agree that having good support connections correlates with healthy grieving. Mourning is unspeakably complicated. Please don't walk this path all alone.


Personally Invested and Caring Funerary Professionals are Ready to Help at a Moment's Notice

If you are making preplans for future death care or immediate needs with funeral and cremation in Itasca, IL, contact the professionals at Grove Memorial Chapel for compassionate expertise and quality solutions. Our facilities are located at 1199 S Arlington Heights Rd, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007. Call (847) 640-0566 to make an appointment to obtain needed support.



Funeral Home and Cremations FAQs

  • How long does the cremation process take?
    • An ordinary adult can be cremated in two to three hours. The cremated remains are processed into a consistently sized pebble-like substance once they have cooled and are then placed in an urn. The cremated remains are subsequently given back to the family by the funeral home. Learn more about cremation services.


  • What can I do to help the bereaved after services?
    • The grieving process doesn’t end with the funeral, and it will take time for the bereaved to heal. The family will need your support for months to come, so make sure to check in on a regular basis. Drop a note, make a phone call, and continue to invite them when you make social plans; they’ll let you know if and when they are ready to participate. Reach out to the family on special occasions, like birthdays or anniversaries, especially during the first year following their loss. Learn more about grief support.


  • Can I design my own funeral?
    • You and your family may feel more at ease if you organize your own funeral or memorial service. By pre-planning your funeral, you may create and specify the precise style of celebration you desire for your friends and family.

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